Jewish Wedding Services

"A unique joyous celebration. A Jewish wedding contains many fascinating and meaningful rituals, symbolic gestures that may be characteristic as the art of significant forms in time. Most of its observances - the Sabbath, the New Moon, festivals, the sabatial and the Jubilee year depend on a certain hour of the day or season of the year. The main themes of faith lie in the realm of time."
Abraham Joshua Herschel

The Sabbath

You sign the Ketubah, raise the chuppah, exchange rings and stomp on the glass - here's a few more rituals to make your reception a true simcha (joyous celebration):
  • Blessing of Challah
  • Seudah Mitzvah
  • The Hora
  • Mitzvah Dances
  • Mezinke Tanz or Krenzel
  • Birkat Hamazon

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