A quince is one of the most important days of a young girls life, her sweet 16 or in latin community, her Quince. Are you ready to embark on your festive journey with us? We offer a magical experience of the universal power of music and dance and a visual experience of light and sound and unique decor just for you.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

One of the most joyous celebrations for a Jewish family is the bar or bat mitzvah, the ritual of passage of child into adulthood. We specialize in working w/ families in every detail, from planning to onsite management of event: like theme, props, gifts and favors, DJ, candle lighting, so you can enjoy every moment of this special day. You want your Bar/Bat Mitzvah affair to be in good taste, fun, festive and within your budget and your child's fancy taste. Imagine your child's face light up as we create a fun filled environment for you.

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